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Discounted Clearance Dedicated Servers.

Instant Clearance Dedicated Servers

CPU Core RAM Storage IP Address BANDWITDH Price Action
Core i5
1Gbps, 50TB
3000 INR
Dual Xeon 5150
(2 Processors)
1Gbps, 50TB
4000 INR
Dual Xeon 5420
(2 Processors)
1Gbps, 50TB
5000 INR
Dual Xeon 5520
(2 Processors)
1Gbps, 50TB
6000 INR
E3-1230 v2
1Gbps, 50 TB
7700 INR

Instant Setup

No waiting, no hassles, simply order, pay and obtain your clearance dedicated server hosting in a few hours.

DDoS Protection

We are serious about website security. Hence, each of our dedicated servers comes with anti-DDoS to assure infrastructure security.

Easy Scalability

Your instant growth is a priority. We support you with plan upgrades, with minimal time investment, and definitely no hassle.

Simple Affordable, Powerful Clearance Dedicated Server

When you are picking a dedicated server with Host Byte, you can expect a wide range of functionality and features as standard, besides an experienced and professional support team to help you along the way.

Great value for money Clearance Dedicated Servers

Benefits of Host Byte's Clearance Dedicated Server

Great Value Servers

Outlet servers are those servers that are usually sold in the prior year which customers have upgraded from. Grab yourself an exceptional deal by ordering one of these nearly-new servers!

Server Stats

Monitor your Uplink and Traffic usage in real-time straight away from your server panel.


You get complete isolation from other clients. Unlike VPS and Cloud, no resources are shared.

Skilled Support Teams

We have one of the most skilled server and networking professionals in the industry, enabling us to pass on their knowledge to you through our agile and responsive support system.

Looking for a Cheap Unmanaged Dedicated Server?

Check out our UnManaged Dedicated Server

Our Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting plans are for developers that require additional resources than a VPS but need the same control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clearance Dedicated Servers imply to the priorly utilized server that is given at a slashed price. As the specific hardware has already been settled in full, Clearance Servers are a perfect solution from an economic and environmental viewpoint.
Your server configuration will be set up within 4-48 business hours. Factors that contribute to longer setup times might incorporate custom configuration, server add-ons, and payment approval time.
Yes, you can upgrade your server to a higher plan at any time. You may further “add-on” extra hardware like Hardrives and RAM, software, and features to your server any time with additional payment.
RAID, or Redundant Array of Independent Disks, is a way for storing data on more further than one hard disk, then linking the disks such that the Operating System on your server observes them as a unique entity. We provide RAID for both SSD and SATA drives in various configurations with our Dedicated Servers.

Host Byte’s servers connect to the Internet via superfluous high-speed connections on several backbones, guaranteeing data delivery to the end-user in the fastest, most effective manner feasible. Host Byte assures a 99.99% Network uptime excluding scheduled maintenance of 1 hour every month and pre-notified upgrades

Yes, you will receive a dedicated IP with dedicated server hosting. With your own dedicated IP address, you can manage and run your own web server, FTP server, an e-mail server.

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