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SSD Vs HDD: What’re The Key Differences and Which One is Better?

Though the solid-state drives and hard disk drives are similar in their physical specs however the mechanism to store data is quite different. And, in this blog post, we will be explaining to you the difference between SSD Vs HDD and which one to pick for hosting your website. So stay tuned!

What is HDD or a Hard Disk Drive?

Hard Disk Drive is a non-volatile disk storage system that consists of a high speed spinning magnetic disks or trays. It is a type of storage device to store the data.

What are the Advantages of Hard Disk Drive?

The advantages of HDD are as follows:

More economical than a SSD

If you consider the cost per GB of the hard disk then it is more affordable than a SSD.

Greater storage space

Storage capacity of a HDD is greater than the SSD.

More accessible than a SSD

HDD is more commonly available than a SSD.

What are the Disadvantages of Hard Disk Drive?

The disadvantages of HDD are as follows:

Read/Write speed slower than a SSD

If we compare the performance of SSD Vs HDD, HDD’s performance is way below an SSD as the read-write speed of the hard disk is slower than the Solid-state drive.

Inefficiency in electricity

A hard disk consumes more electricity than a solid state drive.

Larger Visual Form

Hard disk’s modular design is bulkier than an SSD.

What is SSD or a Solid State Drive?

SSD is the new generation storage device utilized in computers. SSDs replace the conventional mechanical hard disks by utilizing a flash-based memory. SSDs remarkably boost up computer’s speed because of their low read times and fast throughputs.

What are the Advantages of Solid State Drive?

The advantages of SSD are as follows:

Read/Write speed

The biggest advantage of an Solid state drive over Hard disk is its read/write speed.

Power Consumption

Power consumption of an SSD is lower than a HDD.

What are the Disadvantages of Solid State Drive?


Solid state drive is more costlier than a conventional hard disk.

Complex Data Extraction

As the file system structure of an SSD is unique, the data extraction process can be notably complex and lengthy.

What is the Difference Between SSD Vs HDD?

  • As there are no spinning disks or moving components in SSD, the time required to access the files is low. Whereas the hard disk drive has a spinning disk running all the time, it takes longer to access data.
  • As we compare SSD Vs HDD cost difference, a 1TB hard disk will cost you around $35 to $50 however the lowest price for SSD with the same capacity will cost you $100.
  • If we talk about the SSD Vs HDD power consumption, the energy bill would be high in the case of an HDD. However, we are not talking about a single storage device, this is for databases that are fitted with several HDDs.
  • SSD utilizes flash-based storage that has no mechanical components. They offer better read/write speeds than an HDD whereas a Hard disk stores the information accessed by either a read/write device on a cylinder arm utilizing a rotating magnetic server SSD storage.

Note: As the data is notably served faster in SSDs than HDDs, opting for SSD hosting will improve your website speed drastically.

In short, an SSD helps in improving website speed. As a result, will drive into better user experience, higher conversion rates, and ultimately help your website thrive.

SSD VPS Hosting: Data Security and Reliability

It is crucial for any business that they keep their data secure and accessible. Since hard disks have moving components, there are more possibilities for a drive failure.

Drive failure can result in data corruption and loss. Several hosting providers eliminate these risks by utilizing a backup system. However, there is still the risk of data loss particularly for dynamic sites that have high traffic.

On the other hand, SSDs aren’t comprised of moving components, making them less vulnerable to failure. Additionally, SSDs have a longer life expectancy than HDDs.


We hope that our article helped you understand the difference between SSD vs HDD.

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