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Professional Windows hosting From Just ₹80/month

Our cheap windows hosting backed by 24/7 support. It combines the power of MSSQL with PHP & MySQL and Microsoft with Plesk Control Panel. 


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Features Of Spamexpert

Incoming Email Filtering

All websites visitor's Private information is protected by 256-bit encryption for higher security.

Outgoing Email Filtering

Boost your SEO ranking in google. As faster and secure website always rank higher in Google.

Email archiving

Secure and safeguard your all online transaction with Comodo's Secure Seal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Windows Hosting is a type of hosting in which websites are hosted through the Windows Operating System. Windows Hosting is regarded to be one of the most popular hosting plans considering the powerful end-to-end management plans that it provides.

Plesk is a control panel that is made accessible on Windows Web Hosting accounts or Windows Server Hosting. Plesk allows you to manage several aspects of your account.

Windows is a more classic or conventional hosting choice than a Linux one which is a popular hosting because of its vast range of features. As a result of its popularity and features Linux hosting is considered better and more favored by designers these days.

Windows Hosting is regarded as one of the most powerful hosting. We can determine this by looking at the bunch of benefits it offers such as a user-friendly approach, simple and manageable interface, frequent and regular updates along with safety and security features against hackers, and the competence of supporting languages such as ASP, C#, Visual Basic, and .NET.

Yes, you can run PHP and on a Windows Hosting. But if your website is coded in PHP then we recommend you choose Linux Hosting instead.

Our Windows Hosting Server support ASP.NET version 4.0 and above

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