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How to Protect Your VPS From DDoS Attacks?

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks threaten or possibly break any online business. With this blog post, you will know how to fight against this harmful website wrecking threat with one of the most constructive solutions like a DDoS Protected VPS.

DDoS attacks are so dangerous that it can bring the business to a standstill and cause your business to go offline in a matter of a few minutes. Your website visitor won’t be able to access your website services or visit the website.

The inaccessibility of your website is due to server resources or bandwidth limiting the users from accessing their favored online applications.

We suggest you be informed of the actual threat of experiencing a DDoS attack prior to you spend any of your money on DDoS Protected VPS or an Anti-DDoS solution.

What is The Real Threat of a DDoS Attack?

Nowadays, it is quite common for DDoS attacks to be utilized for several dangerous cybercrime activities like Malware infections, Data breaches, Network breaches, etc.

Let’s have a glance at some of the most common threats linked with a DDoS attack;

Revenue Loss

Your online business might be your major revenue stream. Think about the amount you could likely lose in case you came under a DDoS attack.

Several companies reported a loss of revenue between $25K to $250K

Data Breach & Data Theft

Some of the DDoS attacks are done to illegally obtain access to the network and steal confidential data.

To encounter this, you must have vigilant security staff to prevent any intrusion. Additionally, you can create backups of your crucial data.

Loss of Client’s Trust

Uptime of web service and the network is critical for maintaining the client’s trust. Additionally, it is essential for the client’s satisfaction and it will help in obtaining new clients.

Reputation Loss

For the success of a business, brand reputation is a crucial aspect. Hence, while an organization is not capable of delivering services or disappoints its clients, your customers will lose trust in your brand. This as a result will deteriorate your reputation.

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To protect your website against these threats, you require DDoS Protected VPS or Anti-DDoS Protection.

What is a DDoS Protected VPS?

A DDoS protected VPS is a Virtual Private Server that includes DDoS mitigation. It is also called an Anti-DDoS VPS. The server or server farms need hardware firewalls that can prevent DDoS attacks in their initial steps.

An Ideal DDoS Protected VPS should be able to resist common DDoS types as mentioned below:

  • Protocol based attacks
  • DDoS volumetric attacks
  • Attacks on a particular server or user applications

HostByte has VPS DDoS Protection plans that will protect your website against downtime.

Which Types of DDoS Attacks Can Be Prevented With a DDoS Protected VPS?

Opting for DDoS Protected VPS can help you mitigate DDoS attacks. In a nutshell, it will stop DDoS attacks and limit attackers from disturbing your systems.

Now, let’s take a glance at some of the most popular DDoS attacks that can be prevented with a DDoS Protected VPS:

ICMP Flood

One of the most widespread Denial of Service attack ‘ICMP Flooding’ is carried out by sending a huge amount of ICMP echo requests to the victim’s system and ultimately taking down.

In this method, attackers send the packets as quickly as feasible and don’t even wait for the server to respond. The victim’s server will reply with an Echo response and ultimately make the system unable to respond to the request or could slow down the server.

Ping of Death

Ping of Death is especially a harmful kind of Denial of Service attack wherein the attackers try to destabilize, crash, or freeze the victim’s server by sending oversized or malicious packets.

UDP Flood

UDP flooding is yet another method of DDoS attack wherein the attacker abuses the random open port of the target server. Here, the main aim of the attacker is to just flood the random ports on the given remote server.

SYN Flood

SYN Flood is a type of DDoS attack wherein the attackers send SYN requests in succession to the victim system and the process, will consume server resources which will ultimately make the site unavailable for genuine visitors.

HTTP Flood

Through HTTP Flooding, the threat actors manipulate HTTP and POST requests to execute an attack on the webserver or an application server. These kinds of attacks usually abuse the interconnected systems which have been maliciously taken over with Trojan Horses.


A DDoS Protected VPS is essential to secure website against potential threats.

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