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Dedicated Server India

Highly customized and secure by experts. Fine-tuned Indian dedicated server

Premium perfomance and security for your all online business application. Scale efficiently, safeguard customer data nad get peach performance with our Dedicated Server India for the best customer experience.
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Indian Dedicated Server


E3-1230 V3


E3-1230 V5


E3-1230 V6


E5-2620 V3/V4

Full server control

Single-tenant infrastructure with Dedicated Server India offers higher levels of security and control, to help you address your security and compliance needs.

Dedicated performance

All HostByte Dedicated Servers India offer you a dedicated server for yourself with 100% dedicated hardware resources.

High-speed networking

With our Indian Dedicated Server plans, you get 100% worry-free hosting experience. Our Support team works really hard to manage your software, hardware, and network around the clock.

There’s no substitute for reliable, high-performance servers.

Host Byte is the IT partner you’ve been looking for. Our modern, bare metal servers are customized and optimized for your business by a team who’s dedicated to understanding your goals and helping you succeed.

Power and Performance, customized to fit your needs.

Benefits of Host Byte Dedicated Server India

Developer Friendly

Our main focus is on loading your account with the latest version of several famous development software such as PHP, MySQL, MariaDB, etc.

SSH Root Acess

We offer root access with Indian Dedicated Server With root-level access you get full control over your server for complete management control of server environment.

Server Setup

We configure and optimize your Indian Dedicated Server to maximize usability and stability.

RAID-1 Storage

With RAID-1 disk drives on our Managed Server Hosting, we eradicate the chances of any data loss. Additionally, with data mirroring, we ensure that your data is safe and secure.

Prefer something to fit your pocket?

Checkout our Clearance Server

Our clearance servers are specially built for those who are having a tight budget but still want to explore physical server instead of Virtual Private Server

Got Questions?
Well, we've got answers.

Bare metal servers are additionally recognized as single-tenant physical servers. On a bare metal server, the operating system is installed straight on to the server, eradicating layers, and giving an enhanced performance.

Virtual private server hosting separates applications and programs in a single virtual server set aside just for you. A cloud hosting environment allows you to further easily add resources to your servers, like RAM, processors, or cloned copies of your server for backup purposes.
No restriction on the number of a email accounts or website hosted accounts utilized by you. Your dedicated box can be exclusively used by you. And can further incorporate the number of websites as required based on your choice.
All servers come with complete root SSH / RDP access. You have complete power over your server.
With Indian Dedicated Server you don’t require any experience as all technical aspects are managed by us.
A dedicated server is a physical server that is bought or rented fully just for your business requirements. Dedicated servers are generally utilized for hosting by huge companies and organizations that need exceptionally big levels of data security, or organizations that have constant, high requirements for server space.

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