Linux or Windows – Which Operating System should you opt for?


Choosing the right operating system to host your website is probably the most important decision one has to make. Part One of this blog series spoke about Linux Hosting – what it is and the benefits of opting for Linux.We’ll now take you through what Windows Hosting entails, and then maybe you can tell us which operating system you prefer – Linux or Windows?

Windows Hosting

Windows hosting is used by webmasters who need to design specific dynamic websites and require scripting language such as ASP (Active Server Pages) or ASP.NET.

This operating system allows true integration with Microsoft’s products and also allows web sites to run Active Server Pages. Microsoft’s server also allows integration with its SQL database platform, one of the most powerful database solutions out there.

Benefits of Windows Hosting

1. The .Net Framework – If your website relies on .net or visual basic, Windows hosting is an excellent choice. Linux hosting is not compatible with these languages and if you need to use either, it is essential that you select a Windows Hosting platform.

2. Front Page Extensions – If you use the popular web design program, Microsoft Front Page, having a Windows Hosting platform will make your life a lot easier. You won’t have to worry about making sure your server supports extensions like ASP, ASP.NET, MySQL, MS SQL, etc.

3. Access Compatibility – If your website needs to an Access database, a Windows server will be able to integrate this database seamlessly. While there are many database options, such as MySQL, many people prefer to use Access. A Windows server will be able to make integration much easier.

4. Dynamically Driven Pages – If you plan to use Active Server Pages or .ASP or if you need to have a dynamically driven website, Windows would be your preferred OS. In fact, Linux servers do not support .ASP, which makes your choice clear if you plan to use this popular scripting language on your site.

Host Byte offers Linux and Windows Hosting at almost the same cost. Developing a great website requires a number of languages and applications to be installed, and choosing the right operating system is a must!

We’ve presented our view to you. We now look forward to hearing from all you Linux and Windows ‘fanboys’ on which Operating System you prefer