VPS vs dedicated server

Top 5 difference between VPS vs Dedicated server Hosting

A hosting plan offers lots of benefits as compared to a server. Basically, a hosting plan is composed of the server as well as many management services including core software upgrades, different security protocols, and general performance monitoring.
In order to discuss in detail about difference between VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting, it is important to know what the two basically means. VPS means virtual personal server. In VPS hosting, a physical server is housed within a data centre, and its location relies on the particular hosting provider you are using. On the other hand, dedicated hosting is recognized as a hosting configuration in which a particular server is dedicated to a sole organisation or for a sole purpose, like a website.

Now let’s have a look at the top 5 differences between these two hosting:

  1. With the help of dedicated hosting plans, there is single user who uses all the hardware on the server. Whereas, through the help of VPS hosting plan, it is known that the hardware of the server can be utilized by vast number of different users.

  2. A dedicated hosting plan can simply be perceived in an identical manner to your regular computer. In this, you possess all the hardware and only you have access to every resources available. This is not the case with VPS hosting because many users have access to the hardware and resources. In VPS, the server could be likened to a particular computer which is getting shared by more than users.

  3. Dedicated servers are comparatively more secure than VPS. The reason is in addition to every usual threat that some or any hosting plan should face, it is found that VPS servers have a specific weakness which dedicated serves do not.

  4. Both the hosting plans differ in terms of security. The supplementary security risk of a virus avoiding the hypervisor is found to be so small that it occurs very infrequently. When you are going to launch a business centred on security (related to banking, legal, or government based matters), you may wish to go for dedicated server in order to get the maximum benefits. However, for majority of other kind of business, it must not be a great issue. It is found that VPS hosting is comparatively less secure than dedicated server hosting.

  5. The two hosting plan have noticeable difference based on performance. Performance is mainly concerned to the hardware specifications of server. Provided two servers with the identical specifications, it is assured that the dedicated servers will have a performance benefit over VPS servers.  This is because they need not have to share the resources amongst users as well as with a VPS server. Later, it follows that the very high-end server configurations exist only for dedicated users. In case your enterprise or website or does require a huge amount of hardware to power it, you will only be capable to obtain this kind of power from single or multiple dedicated servers.

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Important considerations for VPS hosting India

Whatever may be the reason, one need to find a proper and right web hosting solution provider. Talking about reasons, it may be anything as you are starting an online business for yourself, or otherwise starting a web hosting business to cater people with best of the services or just looking for a VPS hosting India service provider to help you to your online projects. Well, reasons may be anything but you must consider a host of factors before you choose service provider for VPS hosting India. Ample research online for a good and reputed such service provider can help you to avoid being duped later on.Following points will help you to choose a good VPS host service provider.

You need unlimited Bandwidth for Web Hosting

The world has changed drastically and so has realm of technology advanced beyond our imagination. Earlier, there was limitation on bandwidth but time has changed and almost all the service providers have moved beyond this concept and everyone now offer unlimited bandwidth as a common feature.

Well, the bandwidth factor depends on amount of traffic your website generates or to say differently it is your requirement that ultimately determine the bandwidth aspect. You may need unlimited bandwidth depending upon your hosting needs. If you go for aVPS hostingservice provider, which does not provide limitless bandwidth, you may end up burning a hole in your pocket with unexpected bills.

It should provide you unlimited Disk Space

With technological revolution, the cost of Disk space has become incredibly affordable. So, most of the companies these days provide unlimited disk space for your needs. Any company that restricts limit less disk space must be considered as a primitive one and should be done away with. It is costly to upgrade servers often and hence unlimited disk space may help you with an extra edge to store important data and information. File formats are often very large and a good VPS hosting is needed to manage products, videos, texts or every other thing that comes to your mind. Try to maximize storage locations and unlimited disk space is all what you need to do this.

There are cheap VPS hosting service providers, which come with their own definition of unlimited bandwidth and disk space. For example, they calculate the average use of customers and simply provide a multiple of this number to project themselves as “unlimited” providers of resources irrespective of being cheap VPS.

Summary: Avail the services of a good VPS hosting service provider and get unlimited disk space for you needs to manage texts, files, videos etc.