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Top 7 Checklist points before you transfer website to another web host.

Transferring your website seamlessly from a website to another web host depends on number of factors and also depends on how well one can manage the transition. The topmost three aspects to focus on during these cases are: web hosting, email and domain name. In case your website has the resources of your web host plan or if the customer support is annoying, transferring to another web hosting provider would serve as the finest choice. Let’s have a look at the top 7 checklist for the same:

1. Obtain a new web host:

Presently, there is wide range of web host solutions and relevant providers, every one of them possess their own configuration. You would need to analyse the appropriate one out of them depending on factors like required space, cost, and server configuration, etc.


2. Export Database:


For dynamic websites using databases, it is essential for you to export databases directly to your system via the help of third-party programs like phpMyAdmin. Basically, this is done to assure that your website would run seamlessly on the new server.


3. Transfer Domain Name:

Whenever your domain name got registered from a different company, you need to edit the name servers the moment your new website begins running. You need to decide whether to change domain registrars or simply switch DNS on the domain names.


4. Create a backup of your website files:


Prior you transfer a website to new web host, you must have a backup for your every website file. For that, there are lots of plugins obtainable or you can make use of free, open source file transfer tools such as FileZilla.


5. Import new database and also upload website files:

Prior you begin transferring to your new web host, you need to create a new environment in order to host your website. For that, you need to upload your website files through the assistance of FTP inside public_html directory over your new account of web host.


6. Move all website emails:

When your domain name gets hosted by your web host provider, your emails would most probably be managed by their servers. Such emails would require to be transferred as well. In case your email account is hosted at some other place, you can just modify the DNS settings once the new website starts running.


7. Final Check Prior Making the Move:

You need to double check that all things are working seamlessly on your website after you have uploaded your files over the new hosting configuration. Also, you can preview your new website through the help of a temporary URL into IP numbers. Moreover, certain hosting companies offer a development staging platform in order that you can effortlessly and gracefully preview your website prior launching it live in the new environment.



The need of transferring to another web host may arise to any website owner. If they carefully follow these checklists, they can easily manage this transfer.


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Cheap Web Hosting Plans for Your Growing Business

server-imageWhen we talk about cheap web hosting service provider, they are definitely one among those ngaged in offering quality hostig services at affordable rates. You should always look for the most popular and affordable web hosts that are highly recommended by experts for their years of experience in the industry. Their services include shared hosting also. Shared hosting is known for being low cost and easy, convenient to use. It is useful for site owners who don’t want to spend too much on hosting as they know a few will be visiting their site regularly. For personal blogs and websites which you don’t expect to drive in a lot of visitors shared hosting is the best way to cut on your costs.

Shared type is less expensive than other genres of hosting but comes with more or less similar facilities that you will experience with other kinds of hosting. It is wise to look for those who stand apart in the crowd of competitors and boast of their unmatched service and ultra responsive feedback mechanism.

For the best performance and economic servers, you need a shared web hosting account. Shared hosting genre is known for its easy to use and convenient features, such a hosting solution is ideal for hosting requirements, which don’t need much of space and memory to upload contents, video or texts. It is less expensive compared to other forms of hosting and encompasses economic viability in terms of usage. However, it is really an uphill task to choose a cheap web hosting with quality services and prompt back up from a host of service providers available in the market.

In your hunt for cheap website hosting India service, opt for the right hosting partner that has been delivering high quality and cheap website hosting India for decades now and it has with stood the test of changing time and technologies. They need to have unique set of features and facilities to offer you along with many free service apps.

A good and efficient host will ceaselessly strive to satisfy and gratify your web needs and understand what is best for you. Their team of professionals are skilled and experienced and are dedicated towards serving you with best of the projects with budget that will not burn a hole in your pocket. Contact them for your web needs and they will get back to you with industry’s best experts working on your dream projects thereby adding colours to your online presence.

Summary: Cheap website hosting India services are very popular these days. Avail such service to add wings to your online business.