Tips to Choose Perfect Domain Names

Choosing a perfect domain name is identical to choosing the name of company. This is because it needs lots of consideration to be done. The domain name is basically your identity over the web and you need to assure you select a perfect domain name that not just fits your business, but also proves to be easy to discover and promote. Let’s have a look at the important tips to select perfect domain name:

1. Make use of keywords:

You can initiate by preparing a list of keywords explaining your business. This may be your company name or the name of product that you going to highlight on the website. You need to try including the words that people usually enter into Google while searching for your services or products.  Doing this assists to enhance your rank over the search engines results pages and it also attracts the visitors.

2. Make sure your domain name is easy to remember:

Customers can easily find you if your domain name is kept easy to remember. This is helpful even when the customers do not have your business card along with them. When you make use of text slang like U for you or v in place of we, it is possible that you may be asking too much of the potential visitors. As and when the possibilities are, make use of real words, avoiding weird spellings or abbreviations.

3. Try to keep it short and simple:

If you keep your domain name too long and complex, there is risk that customers may mistype or misspell it. If you wish that people easily approach you, keep the domain name short and simple. Moreover, focus on avoiding tough abbreviations simply to make a URL shorter.

4. Check whether it is already in use:

You can carry out careful research related to your domain to check whether it is available or not at When you find one, just confirm yourself that you do not choose a URL that is copyrighted or trademarked. This may result in an enormous legal mess, costing you great loss of money.

5. Try avoiding these words as and when possible:

If there is possibilities you can avoid it, try not to use “the”, “a”, “an”, to begin a url. Also, avoid the use of “but”, “and”, “or”, or “with” in order to connect ideas. The reason is these are the words that may create your URL lengthy and difficult to remember.

6. Avoid the use of hyphens and numbers:

Hyphens and numbers are frequently misunderstood; because, those people who get to know your website address usually don’t know if you are making use of a numeral (1) or it is actually spelled out (one) or they may even misplace or simply forget the dash. When you require these into your domain, you need to check that the registration of different variations is safe or not. For instance, and


The perfect domain name is the one which can help customer to easily approach you and your service, without any hassle. Considering the above tips greatly helps you to choose a perfect domain name.

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5 Main Reasons You Should Start Improving Your Website Page Speed

If website loading speed stays between the more or less acceptable levels, there is no need to pay great attention to it. If the website do not keep visitors waiting for content for too long, it may be considered reasonable. However, website page speed is gradually becoming an essential factor and optimization attempts in this field can be crucial for failure or success in attaining our goals. Let’s have a look the 5 main reasons responsible behind improving the website page speed.

1. Website page speed is a significant SEO factor:

There are lots of factors that search engines focuses on while categorizing the web and showcasing the most pertinent search results, and speed is one among them. Provided the similar level of relevance of search results, it is found that a normal user chooses those with comparatively lesser loading time. This can be accurately perceived through search engines, that beginning from this premise, will position closer to the initial position those pages which have less response times, providing higher weight to factors associated to server side (like use of CDNs, server response time, optimization of database as well as application, etc.) than client side (“document complete” as well as “fully rendered” times).


2. Faster loading speed equals improved user experience:

Everybody prefers to browse a website rapidly in order to reduce wait times while availing the desired information. It must be a priority that users actually enjoy the displayed content in a rapid and convenient manner, minimizing the access times. The improved user experience suggest increased visibility, decreased bounce rate, higher number of users sharing the content and good user satisfaction in respect to your brand.


3. Website page speed is crucial for mobile users:

You should carry out a great attempt in order to enhance the speed of the mobile version of your website. This is because mobile devices generally do not get benefited from a speedy connection as observed in desktops. Being the network latency higher, you should make sure that the response times are as low as possible in order that the total of both does not surpass the threshold of two seconds, defined as a goal by you.


4. Increased website page speed equals enhanced use of your own resources:

Few of the important mechanisms for boosting the speed of a website comprise of discarding superfluous elements as well as reducing the number of connections established to the server while pages requested by users get loaded. This can be accomplished by decreasing the number of images utilized by the website graphic design, merging them within a single file, or merging all the CSS and javascript in two single files.


5. Optimize load times direct to boost in conversions:

There are numerous studies which showed that optimizing load times is an increment in conversions, because faster websites are usually more accessible and also users are eager to continue browsing it.



Properly understanding the reason and direct impact which low website page speed has on the overall user experience is significant to marketers. This is because long waiting times severely impacts your overall image in market.

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Top 7 Checklist points before you transfer website to another web host.

Transferring your website seamlessly from a website to another web host depends on number of factors and also depends on how well one can manage the transition. The topmost three aspects to focus on during these cases are: web hosting, email and domain name. In case your website has the resources of your web host plan or if the customer support is annoying, transferring to another web hosting provider would serve as the finest choice. Let’s have a look at the top 7 checklist for the same:

1. Obtain a new web host:

Presently, there is wide range of web host solutions and relevant providers, every one of them possess their own configuration. You would need to analyse the appropriate one out of them depending on factors like required space, cost, and server configuration, etc.


2. Export Database:


For dynamic websites using databases, it is essential for you to export databases directly to your system via the help of third-party programs like phpMyAdmin. Basically, this is done to assure that your website would run seamlessly on the new server.


3. Transfer Domain Name:

Whenever your domain name got registered from a different company, you need to edit the name servers the moment your new website begins running. You need to decide whether to change domain registrars or simply switch DNS on the domain names.


4. Create a backup of your website files:


Prior you transfer a website to new web host, you must have a backup for your every website file. For that, there are lots of plugins obtainable or you can make use of free, open source file transfer tools such as FileZilla.


5. Import new database and also upload website files:

Prior you begin transferring to your new web host, you need to create a new environment in order to host your website. For that, you need to upload your website files through the assistance of FTP inside public_html directory over your new account of web host.


6. Move all website emails:

When your domain name gets hosted by your web host provider, your emails would most probably be managed by their servers. Such emails would require to be transferred as well. In case your email account is hosted at some other place, you can just modify the DNS settings once the new website starts running.


7. Final Check Prior Making the Move:

You need to double check that all things are working seamlessly on your website after you have uploaded your files over the new hosting configuration. Also, you can preview your new website through the help of a temporary URL into IP numbers. Moreover, certain hosting companies offer a development staging platform in order that you can effortlessly and gracefully preview your website prior launching it live in the new environment.



The need of transferring to another web host may arise to any website owner. If they carefully follow these checklists, they can easily manage this transfer.


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Read This Before You Start Using Free Web Hosting

The word FREE can turn various heads, so there’s certainly no doubt there will many takers absolutely complimentary web hosting. Okay right, host your website online and no need to pay a cent for it. Nevertheless, we do not like to break the bubble, there’s little that you get with complimentary hosting. In fact you’ll lose on more money than you would invest for an outstanding web hosting package. Sounds extraordinary right, keep checking out to learn more.

Disadvantages of Free Web Hosting

Are You Serious: Your web address is going to be a subdomain of your complimentary web hosting company (ex: www.yourbrand.000

Got Space Bro: All complimentary web hosting organization simply supply you web location that is barely enough to establish a 5-page set website. You will be left hanging for more location and your only ray of hope will be paying a considerable amount to upgrade. This generally is more expensive than a great deal of terrific web hosting plan there.

Kapoosh!!: Free web hosting does not have reliability. The complimentary web hosting organization can opt to shut shop anytime which suggests it will shut your website too. Much like a disappearing bunny in a magic program.

Where’s My Money: The complimentary web hosting organisation can run ads on your website even if they are not suitable to your website. Exactly what’s even worse is that you get no share of the earnings made by them. That’s unreasonable finest!! Also envision your competing ads appearing on your own site, awful right?

Why You No Visit Me: You can forget to get any traffic from the online search engine as plenty of sites hosted on a complimentary web hosting servers are pushed to the back of the results. Your effort is never ever getting found. Blog site authors who wish to link to their audience are going to suffer the most.

That’s so 90’s Bro: Get ready to deal with older variations of applications, low details transfer, file upload limitations, no support and constant need to upgrade to get more control of your own website.

So prior to you catch ‘complimentary web hosting’, think about precisely what we talked about above and pick precisely what’s more essential for you; a fantastic totally useful website or merely another complementary website (which isn’t really in fact yours). The choice is yours

Anyways paid isn’t actually that expensive. Do not believe us? Take a look at our Hosting plans and judge by yourself

Preventing Ransomware Attacks

What is Ransomware Attacks and How to Protect Yourself From the Ransomware?

Now all know about the global Ransomware attack. It has created a lot of confusions in the mind of computer users. Over 70,000 companies of more than 90 countries have become the victim of this malware attack. So how this Ransomware works and what are the possible solutions for protection .

The term ‘RANSOMWARE‘ itself gives the idea of its nature. It is somehow related to some kind of ransom. Yes, exactly it is. It is a type of malware which gets into your computer system and locks down all the files. Afterwards it seeks for money from the user in order to get access to the locked files. The recent Ransomwares are smarter than ever. It just not only locks down the files rather it encrypts the files which makes it really impossible to crack open the locked files. As a result the users do not have any other way to regain access to their locked files but to pay the money and get the decryption code.

So How Does it Get into Your System?

The easiest to get into someone’s computer is through attachments of spam emails or by entering into any unknown link. The extension of these files are different than the conventional files. Usually users turn off the file extensions, so they can not know what kind of file they are clicking on. The virus file pretends like a doc file or any other text file. But if you turn on the file extension of your computer you will see that the file extensions are different. As you click on the file all your data start encrypting and eventually asking you for ransom.

In case if you are interested these are the possible real extensions of ransomware files……( .ecc, .ezz, .exx, .zzz, .xyz, .aaa, .abc, .ccc, .vvv, .xxx, .ttt, .micro, .crypto, _crypt, .crinf, .r5a, .XRNT, .XTBL, .crypt, .R16M01D05, .pzdc, .good, .LOL!, .OMG!, .RDM, .RRK, .encryptedRSA, .crjoker, .EnCiPhErEd, .LeChiffre, .keybtc@inbox_com, .0x0, .bleep, .1999, .vault, .HA3, .toxcrypt, .magic, .SUPERCRYPT, .CTBL, .CTB2, .locky or 6-7 length extension consisting of random characters.)

The recent ransomware which is causing mass loss is known as Wanna Cry. This asks for opening a java script file in your email in the format (.js). So it is now recommended not to open any unknown attachments sent through emails.

How to Recover a Your Ransomware Infected Computer?

Well, for now there is no way to open the encrypted files. As I mentioned earlier you have to pay through bitcoins in order to get the decryption code.

Safety measures :

1. Keep your Operating System up to date.
2. Keep you Anti-Virus up to date.
3. Create back up for the most important files either in a secured hard drive or in a secured cloud storage.
4. Do not open any email attachments from unknown senders.
5. Be careful while opening and downloading from any unknowing third party websites.