Seven Things Startup Founders Can Be Thankful For


With the responsibilities and difficulties of being the in-charge, gratitude is not frequent a feeling for a startup founder. Even then, there are bound to be occasional moments when a strong feeling of thankfulness overwhelms all startup founders. Just like everything they do, the thank you list of these people is a little different form the others too.
Here is a quick list of seven things that startup founders can be thankful for:

The need: That one driving need that motivated you to start this venture. Or more likely, a combination of things such as the passion for delivering a service or product, the motivation to solve a particular problem, the determination to achieve the freedom that you have today and of course, the commercial aspect. Without the need, your venture would not exist today.

The one difficult decision: It could be the day you decided to quit your old job and start your venture or that one panic attack after which you almost decided to drop everything, but fortunately, did not. It could be the risk you took which worked out or that one difficult change you absolutely had to make. Be thankful for that one difficult decision you had dared to take.

The criticizers: Startup founders are also thankful for those who disapproved of their idea initially. The aunt next door who thought you had no clue as to what you were doing or the know-it-all well-wisher who thought that the startup idea was stupid. All the criticism is something to be thankful for because it is fifty times more valuable than the other polite approvals.

The others who believe in you: Your family and friends who stood by you while you crossed one obstacle after the other and your team for all the faith, hard work and patience. These are the most important people to be thankful to because they are the ones who constantly push you forward.

The investors: Be it your parents, an industry big shot or the angel investor who got too impressed by your idea. As a startup founder, be thankful to your investor because without them and their money, your business would not have moved an inch.

The customers and the profits: Even if you have tilted towards the profitable side just by a bit, it means that you have started moving. Whether the number of your customers is 10 or 10,000, be thankful to them from the bottom of your heart and make sure you pay them back by delivering what you promise.

The technology: Where would your startup be today, had it not been accentuated in uncountable ways by technology? From your Smart-phone to the ready-made billing solutions available, from the cloud to Google docs, from the social media and blogging platforms to the virtual support system, it is not possible to enlist technology’s favors. Therefore last but not the least; thank technology for all the ways in which it has helped your startup.