server-imageSummary: A VPS hosting if explained in simple words is referred to an isolated machine which performs the tasks just like a dedicated web host server. VPS hosting available in India is not only cheap but also feasible and flexible for any type of businesses.



What do you understand by the term VPS Host? A VPS hosting if explained in simple words is referred to an isolated machine which performs the tasks just like a dedicated web host server. In addition, it also features the ability to reboot independently and allows full root access, IP address, system libraries, RAM, configuration files for each VPS. It is nothing but a system of dividing a server in such a manner that each divided part is allowed to serve as a virtual dedicated server which runs its own operating system has its own bandwidth and disk space.

Nowadays, web hosting has become basically the need of the hour for many businesses to survive in the cut throat world of competition and globalization. In such circumstances, one should also look into the budgeting aspects of web hosting. Although shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting servers are available, one should also look for value of their money which one get by hiring a VPS host especially VPS hosting available in India which is not only cheap but also feasible and flexible for any type of businesses.

Let’s have a look

  • Economically reasonable– As already discussed, VPS host server with basic features is very low in price as compared t its other counterparts like dedicated web host. Also, the users of VPS host don’t need to buy any physical server hardware for maintenance which usually adds up to the cost.
  • Safe and secure server set up- The users of VPS host have access to personally stored files as well as installed programs. Herein users are sharing resources of single physical server between quite a number of virtual servers. The security features also are an added attraction.
  • High Quality guarantee-VPS hosting service providing companies in India are well known for bringing in the most efficient VPS model possible.
  • Flexibility- Unlike shared web hosting, VPS doesn’t restrict users to install scripting platforms that are not supposed by the web hosts instead it allows customized installation by providing full root access

With so many benefits under its hast, VPS host is surely what your business need and for budgeted solutions one should always look up to VPS hosting companies in India that provide affordable as well as efficient working models. One such company is Host Byte that excels in VPS hosting as well as Reseller hosting in India.  Find out more about the company services at http://www.hostbyte.in

Important considerations for VPS hosting India

Whatever may be the reason, one need to find a proper and right web hosting solution provider. Talking about reasons, it may be anything as you are starting an online business for yourself, or otherwise starting a web hosting business to cater people with best of the services or just looking for a VPS hosting India service provider to help you to your online projects. Well, reasons may be anything but you must consider a host of factors before you choose service provider for VPS hosting India. Ample research online for a good and reputed such service provider can help you to avoid being duped later on.Following points will help you to choose a good VPS host service provider.

You need unlimited Bandwidth for Web Hosting

The world has changed drastically and so has realm of technology advanced beyond our imagination. Earlier, there was limitation on bandwidth but time has changed and almost all the service providers have moved beyond this concept and everyone now offer unlimited bandwidth as a common feature.

Well, the bandwidth factor depends on amount of traffic your website generates or to say differently it is your requirement that ultimately determine the bandwidth aspect. You may need unlimited bandwidth depending upon your hosting needs. If you go for aVPS hostingservice provider, which does not provide limitless bandwidth, you may end up burning a hole in your pocket with unexpected bills.

It should provide you unlimited Disk Space

With technological revolution, the cost of Disk space has become incredibly affordable. So, most of the companies these days provide unlimited disk space for your needs. Any company that restricts limit less disk space must be considered as a primitive one and should be done away with. It is costly to upgrade servers often and hence unlimited disk space may help you with an extra edge to store important data and information. File formats are often very large and a good VPS hosting is needed to manage products, videos, texts or every other thing that comes to your mind. Try to maximize storage locations and unlimited disk space is all what you need to do this.

There are cheap VPS hosting service providers, which come with their own definition of unlimited bandwidth and disk space. For example, they calculate the average use of customers and simply provide a multiple of this number to project themselves as “unlimited” providers of resources irrespective of being cheap VPS.

Summary: Avail the services of a good VPS hosting service provider and get unlimited disk space for you needs to manage texts, files, videos etc.

Migrate your website from another host using cPanel

Migrating Sites or Web Hosting Packages to a new provider can be a daunting task. Over the years, we’ve seen countless instances of clients sticking with their hosts despite constant difficulties and we’ve come to understand the worry that migration brings.

However, it doesn’t have to be that difficult! To help Host Byte ease their migration worries, we’ve recently launched a free, 3-step Migration Process to migrate websites from other hosts using cPanel. In this post, we’ll explore a little about the difficulties faced with cPanel Migration and how to migrate your hosting to Host Byte!

CPanel Migration – What to look out for:

  • While the cPanel migration process is pretty straightforward, there are certain pain points in this process. For instance: In the case of Reseller Hosting packages, without the WHM backup option the migration process is tedious with users having to backup & restore each account separately. Having the WHM backup option enabled solves this problem but a majority of hosts don’t provide this option in order to minimize server load.
  • When migrating Shared Hosting packages another issue users face is while they can generate a full website backup they would have to restore various sections of their site separately.
  • Also, the entire process is time consuming especially for users with a large number of packages or accounts.

How to migrate your Hosting packages to us:

If you’re looking at migrating your Hosting packages to us, there’s absolutely nothing you need to do!

After considering the feedback of a number of our Hosting Resellers and clients, we’ve created an easy, 3 step migration process that is handled completely by us. All you have to do is contact us and we’ll get in touch with you for more details. Our Hosting specialists will then migrate your Hosting packages over to Host Byte.

Here’s what our migration process includes:

  • Complete Content Migration i.e. all site files, databases & emails
  • Domain Transfer assistance
  • Assistance with DNS Modifications
  • Constant updates from our dedicated Technical Support Team
  • Complete Migration in 24 hours (subject to number of accounts as well as size of each account)

There are a few terms and conditions that you’ll have to keep in mind before you migrate your packages to us. These include:

  • We’ll only be able to complete cPanel to cPanel migration requests.
  • For Reseller Hosting, we will only be able to migrate packages with a maximum of 25 Accounts under it. However, there is no limit on the number of packages that can be migrated.
  • Packages with more than 25 Accounts will be charged based on the number of accounts that need to be migrated.
  • cPanel Accounts with data above 2 GB will not be migrated.
  • If you’re looking at migrating into our Multi-Domain Shared Hosting packages, all add-on Domains should belong to one Customer only.

That’s everything you need to know about migrating your hosting over to Host Byte! We’re already seeing a phenomenal response for this service and I hope you make the most of it as well.

If you’d like to try out our Migration service, all you need to do is click here, and speak to our live chat operator and leave the rest to us!

If you’ve already tried our migration process, we’d love your review/feedback! Do let us know what you liked (and didn’t) in the comments below.

Happy Hosting!

Linux or Windows – Which Operating System should you opt for?


Choosing the right operating system to host your website is probably the most important decision one has to make. Part One of this blog series spoke about Linux Hosting – what it is and the benefits of opting for Linux.We’ll now take you through what Windows Hosting entails, and then maybe you can tell us which operating system you prefer – Linux or Windows?

Windows Hosting

Windows hosting is used by webmasters who need to design specific dynamic websites and require scripting language such as ASP (Active Server Pages) or ASP.NET.

This operating system allows true integration with Microsoft’s products and also allows web sites to run Active Server Pages. Microsoft’s server also allows integration with its SQL database platform, one of the most powerful database solutions out there.

Benefits of Windows Hosting

1. The .Net Framework – If your website relies on .net or visual basic, Windows hosting is an excellent choice. Linux hosting is not compatible with these languages and if you need to use either, it is essential that you select a Windows Hosting platform.

2. Front Page Extensions – If you use the popular web design program, Microsoft Front Page, having a Windows Hosting platform will make your life a lot easier. You won’t have to worry about making sure your server supports extensions like ASP, ASP.NET, MySQL, MS SQL, etc.

3. Access Compatibility – If your website needs to an Access database, a Windows server will be able to integrate this database seamlessly. While there are many database options, such as MySQL, many people prefer to use Access. A Windows server will be able to make integration much easier.

4. Dynamically Driven Pages – If you plan to use Active Server Pages or .ASP or if you need to have a dynamically driven website, Windows would be your preferred OS. In fact, Linux servers do not support .ASP, which makes your choice clear if you plan to use this popular scripting language on your site.

Host Byte offers Linux and Windows Hosting at almost the same cost. Developing a great website requires a number of languages and applications to be installed, and choosing the right operating system is a must!

We’ve presented our view to you. We now look forward to hearing from all you Linux and Windows ‘fanboys’ on which Operating System you prefer

Your Domain, Your Identity

Just as your name gives your personality an identity, your domain name too gives an identity to your business or website. The domain name you choose for your website becomes synonymous with the content your website hosts. It establishes a theme for the branding of a website before people even visit it for the first time.Host Byte’s platform powers over 7 million domains so it would not be incorrect to say that we do know a thing or two about choosing a great domain name  And that’s inspired us to pen down 8 pointers that you should keep in mind while selecting a domain name.

1. Keep it Simple, Easy and Short

If people need to check and recheck your domain name while typing and they get it wrong even then, chances are they might give your site a miss. It’s best to avoid complicated words, homophones, numbers, double letters, and long or hard to spell words. Keep the name simple, thus making it easier for people to remember it. Also, remember to keep your domain name as short as possible. Typing “www.iwanttovisititaly.com” can be rather painful and uncalled for.

2. Self Explanatory

Make sure your domain name is easy to understand. Always select a domain that requires little or no explanation when pronounced aloud. Branding experts usually advise firms to opt for domain names which surround their marquee products and for a name that is memorable. Choosing a name that intrigues people to visit your site is probably one the most important things you should keep in mind.

3. Choose the Right Extension

It’s always important to choose the correct extension for your domain. Everyone mostly opts for a .COM or a .NET; however, picking an extension based on your location or purpose of your website is also extremely important. For example someone living in India, would most definitely consider opting for an .IN domain extension. You could also give .BIZ and .ORG a thought – if you are a business and want to portray a professional persona through your site.

4. Avoid Hyphens and Homophones

No one would want to type or even remember that your domain contains hyphens. Imagine searching for a domain called ‘www.i-want-to-visit-italy.com’ – extremely cumbersome, ain’t it? And then imagine wanting to visit “bareinformation.com” but instead ending up visiting “bearinformation.com”. Say your domain name out loud and make people hear it – You’ll definitely know then how it’s going to come across when someone’s typing it in their web browser.

5.  Stay away from Copyright Infringement!

People don’t usually make this mistake too often, but one can never be too careful. It’s important stay away from brand related keywords like (e.g. “microsoftproductsreview.com” or “facebookhelper.com”). Recently Facebook took legal action against companies with “face” or “book” in their domain names. To be sure you’re not infringing on anyone’s copyright with your domain, “Google” the domain before purchasing it.

6 Stay away from Numbers

Just because your domain has “for” or “to” does NOT mean you need to use the number “4″ or “2″ in the domain. This will likely make the domain harder to remember and ultimately to use. However, having said this, many of the domain names used in China are numbers as some numbers are considered lucky in Chinese culture. Therefore it all depends on where your business is located and which audience you cater to.

7. Keyword Rich Domain Name = Good SEO

Businesses with keywords in their domain name have an easier time being ranked in search engines. And building a good SEO for your website is a really important. However, don’t spend too much on getting the right domain name if it isn’t already available. One can work through SEO with a non-keyword rich brand name as well.


Last but most important – Don’t shy away from asking friends or colleagues what they think about your domain name.  People, who are prone to making typing mistakes, can’t quite remember your domain, and who try anything they can in Google. Always be sure to receive feedback from at least three different people to confirm that their reactions and feedback meet with your approval to proceed with the domain purchase. You could also send out a survey with multiple options and ask people to send in their opinions and understandings of the domain names.

A domain name is once-in-a -lifetime purchase for your business that you make. Make sure you select the right one. Do you have any experiences or tips which you would like to share? Post them in the comments below