Cost effective Website hosting India plans by Hostbyte

Vadodara, India, July 15, 2014: Website hosting India has transformed to a complete new level with Hostbyte. The kind of innovations and cutting edge technical considerations Hostbyte brings in with their hosting features and facilities, one can easily feel the difference.

Hostbyte, from its inception has been a leading player in the realm of Web host India. The company has created a brand name for itself with unmatched hosting services. It has won the trust and credibility of its customers over the years by serving them with high quality hosting. The company is known for being one of the top names by virtue of different successful projects and assignments. Hostbyte definitely stands as a Numero Uno web host India with millions of satisfied clients and still counting.

The company specializes in different kinds of website hosting India like shared hosting, dedicated hosting and virtual private server hosting. It houses well-experienced and skilled hands as its webmasters who are literally the best man to do it for you. Hostbyte comes with different website hosting India plans and packages, which are tailor made to suit and meet one’s needs and preferences.

With Hostbyte, you will get the best web hosting India services in an effective way. The company will provide you with best services available under sun that too in a cost effective manner. Economic hosting types like shared hosting will provide you with basic hosting requirements and you need to pay a little for it. Shared hosting will give a chance to share your server with another business and in turn other will share your expenses too. For people who are very choosy about their server security and safety, Hostbyte also houses plans like dedicated server hosting. Under this category, one has the full control and autonomy over his business server and in case of up gradation or any software or hardware reconsideration, you will be the supreme to decide what is best for you.

Hostbyte provides round the clock customer support, technical help for its web hosting India services. Also free installation and surveillance sessions are worth mentioning as these hold the key for smooth and prompt conduct of any online businesses. Thus, the company has every ingredient in its plans, tailor made to suit everyone’s hosting needs thereby serving the best quality hosting services packaged in an economic model.

Cheap Website Hosting India Plans by Host Byte

Vadodara, India, June 9, 2014: At Host Byte valued clients are provided with easy to maintain and look after websites with supreme professional look, domain name and hosting considerations, email hosting services and the likes. It provides solutions for online tools and resources like discussion forums, FAQ, chat box and customer support for the server.

Although surveys have revealed that the majority of customers surf online for local services and products but often small businesses neither have a website nor any online presence anywhere. This makes them invisible to many prospective customers. Apart from above reasons, many other firms can not own a personal website as they are afraid of investing big in these fixtures. Host Byte provides small firms and companies with cheap website hosting India services and other online tools so that they can run their businesses efficiently. Living In a country like India, which is known for its vastness and diversity, it is of real challenge to get peoples’ attention towards to your business.

Professionals at Host Byte offer you with everything that is needed to churn out a name for oneself on the Web world. The company caters you with virtually every form of cheap website hosting needs like that of domain names and website builders to a full, exhaustive range of eCommerce solutions. It has carved a niche for itself as the top brand name when it comes to hosting services. Its successful projects and assignments have earned it recognition and respect in the industry. As the India’s #1 cheap website hosting Company, it has been delivering world-class products at the most competitive prices since its very inception.

Host Byte is a brand name to reckon with when it comes to deliver best products appreciated and accepted in industry and supporting them with best in the industry technical and back end support on a 24/7/365 basis. It takes pride in serving its valued customers from all the locations across around the India and its satisfied customers speak for its truly unmatched services that are best in its category of cheap website hosting India services. It is the largest hosting service provider in terms of annual revenue generation and a leading brand where you can get best value for your money. The company is geared up to happily serve you with best services for any of your online needs and wants.

Browse through the website to know more about the company and its array of seamless services.

Summary: Small businesses in India are getting online increasingly and Host Byte is providing them with cheap website hosting India services and necessary tools, tips and resources to reach the acme online.

Cheap Web Hosting Plans for Your Growing Business

server-imageWhen we talk about cheap web hosting service provider, they are definitely one among those ngaged in offering quality hostig services at affordable rates. You should always look for the most popular and affordable web hosts that are highly recommended by experts for their years of experience in the industry. Their services include shared hosting also. Shared hosting is known for being low cost and easy, convenient to use. It is useful for site owners who don’t want to spend too much on hosting as they know a few will be visiting their site regularly. For personal blogs and websites which you don’t expect to drive in a lot of visitors shared hosting is the best way to cut on your costs.

Shared type is less expensive than other genres of hosting but comes with more or less similar facilities that you will experience with other kinds of hosting. It is wise to look for those who stand apart in the crowd of competitors and boast of their unmatched service and ultra responsive feedback mechanism.

For the best performance and economic servers, you need a shared web hosting account. Shared hosting genre is known for its easy to use and convenient features, such a hosting solution is ideal for hosting requirements, which don’t need much of space and memory to upload contents, video or texts. It is less expensive compared to other forms of hosting and encompasses economic viability in terms of usage. However, it is really an uphill task to choose a cheap web hosting with quality services and prompt back up from a host of service providers available in the market.

In your hunt for cheap website hosting India service, opt for the right hosting partner that has been delivering high quality and cheap website hosting India for decades now and it has with stood the test of changing time and technologies. They need to have unique set of features and facilities to offer you along with many free service apps.

A good and efficient host will ceaselessly strive to satisfy and gratify your web needs and understand what is best for you. Their team of professionals are skilled and experienced and are dedicated towards serving you with best of the projects with budget that will not burn a hole in your pocket. Contact them for your web needs and they will get back to you with industry’s best experts working on your dream projects thereby adding colours to your online presence.

Summary: Cheap website hosting India services are very popular these days. Avail such service to add wings to your online business.


server-imageSummary: A VPS hosting if explained in simple words is referred to an isolated machine which performs the tasks just like a dedicated web host server. VPS hosting available in India is not only cheap but also feasible and flexible for any type of businesses.



What do you understand by the term VPS Host? A VPS hosting if explained in simple words is referred to an isolated machine which performs the tasks just like a dedicated web host server. In addition, it also features the ability to reboot independently and allows full root access, IP address, system libraries, RAM, configuration files for each VPS. It is nothing but a system of dividing a server in such a manner that each divided part is allowed to serve as a virtual dedicated server which runs its own operating system has its own bandwidth and disk space.

Nowadays, web hosting has become basically the need of the hour for many businesses to survive in the cut throat world of competition and globalization. In such circumstances, one should also look into the budgeting aspects of web hosting. Although shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting servers are available, one should also look for value of their money which one get by hiring a VPS host especially VPS hosting available in India which is not only cheap but also feasible and flexible for any type of businesses.

Let’s have a look

  • Economically reasonable– As already discussed, VPS host server with basic features is very low in price as compared t its other counterparts like dedicated web host. Also, the users of VPS host don’t need to buy any physical server hardware for maintenance which usually adds up to the cost.
  • Safe and secure server set up- The users of VPS host have access to personally stored files as well as installed programs. Herein users are sharing resources of single physical server between quite a number of virtual servers. The security features also are an added attraction.
  • High Quality guarantee-VPS hosting service providing companies in India are well known for bringing in the most efficient VPS model possible.
  • Flexibility- Unlike shared web hosting, VPS doesn’t restrict users to install scripting platforms that are not supposed by the web hosts instead it allows customized installation by providing full root access

With so many benefits under its hast, VPS host is surely what your business need and for budgeted solutions one should always look up to VPS hosting companies in India that provide affordable as well as efficient working models. One such company is Host Byte that excels in VPS hosting as well as Reseller hosting in India.  Find out more about the company services at

Web Hosting is No Longer Expensive!

In this world where almost everything is driven by the technology of the Internet, it is important for people especially entrepreneurs to understand the need to invest in a web hosting service. The hosting service is exceptionally necessary these days if you want to make the most out of your target market. Most people are nowadays preoccupied with using the Internet. Some people don’t even rely on television or newspapers anymore to get the information that they require; they simply head off to the Internet  and research for those data that they need!

If you plan on capturing a significant portion of your audience, then you should establish on the Internet. In order to do that, you need to build yourself a website and have it hosted on a reliable server. The server needs to be very reliable, of course. By this, we mean that you should pay for a host that does not have a history of frequent downtime because this can have several critical effects on your efforts to build prominence on the Internet. It could also have an effect on your rankings on the search engines; websites that have frequent downtime are usually ranked low by the search engines because of poor user experience.

Of course, you already know about the benefits of establishing a website and investing on the best web hosting service as a businessman. By now, you should have created a website already and found yourself a host. If you haven’t yet, then perhaps you are being stopped by that one thing that has also kept hosting services and entrepreneurs at bay from each other – price. You undoubtedly have been discouraged from finding yourself a reliable web host because you feel like you cannot find a really good server that comes at a very affordable cost.

That should no longer be your concern, however. Host Byte is now here to provide you that excellent yet cheap web hosting service for a  lesser price than that charged by most services. You need to dish out a lot of cash if yo want to avail of Host Byte’s excellent range of services. For a very affordable price, you get to enjoy one of three types of hostings:

  • Shared hosting
    This service gives you access to unlimited hosting, data transfer, domains, email IDs and MySQL databases.
  • Reseller hosting
    Reseller hosting grants the business owner unlimited domains, but storage is limited to 25 Gigabytes. Other features of reseller hosting include a cPanel with Plesk and WHM, as well as custom name servers. Reseller hosting guarantees 99.9% up time SLA.
  • Virtual hosting
    The virtual host grants you 30 gigabytes of storage space, 512 MB of random access memory and 350GB worth of data transfers. You could also choose Linux hosting under this service, and you get access to a cPanel for your hosting too.

There is no need to fuss over expensive hosting rates from other providers. Host Byte is the ideal hosting service for you. Check them out at their website at