Important considerations for VPS hosting India

Whatever may be the reason, one need to find a proper and right web hosting solution provider. Talking about reasons, it may be anything as you are starting an online business for yourself, or otherwise starting a web hosting business to cater people with best of the services or just looking for a VPS hosting India service provider to help you to your online projects. Well, reasons may be anything but you must consider a host of factors before you choose service provider for VPS hosting India. Ample research online for a good and reputed such service provider can help you to avoid being duped later on.Following points will help you to choose a good VPS host service provider.

You need unlimited Bandwidth for Web Hosting

The world has changed drastically and so has realm of technology advanced beyond our imagination. Earlier, there was limitation on bandwidth but time has changed and almost all the service providers have moved beyond this concept and everyone now offer unlimited bandwidth as a common feature.

Well, the bandwidth factor depends on amount of traffic your website generates or to say differently it is your requirement that ultimately determine the bandwidth aspect. You may need unlimited bandwidth depending upon your hosting needs. If you go for aVPS hostingservice provider, which does not provide limitless bandwidth, you may end up burning a hole in your pocket with unexpected bills.

It should provide you unlimited Disk Space

With technological revolution, the cost of Disk space has become incredibly affordable. So, most of the companies these days provide unlimited disk space for your needs. Any company that restricts limit less disk space must be considered as a primitive one and should be done away with. It is costly to upgrade servers often and hence unlimited disk space may help you with an extra edge to store important data and information. File formats are often very large and a good VPS hosting is needed to manage products, videos, texts or every other thing that comes to your mind. Try to maximize storage locations and unlimited disk space is all what you need to do this.

There are cheap VPS hosting service providers, which come with their own definition of unlimited bandwidth and disk space. For example, they calculate the average use of customers and simply provide a multiple of this number to project themselves as “unlimited” providers of resources irrespective of being cheap VPS.

Summary: Avail the services of a good VPS hosting service provider and get unlimited disk space for you needs to manage texts, files, videos etc.

cPanel Releases Security Releases for 11.30, 11.32 & 11.34


cPanel, the popular web hosting control panel provider, announced on Tuesday the security releases pertaining to version 11.30, 11.32 and 11.34 of cPanel & WHM. cPanel has rated this update as having important security impact.

“cPanel has released new builds for all public update tiers. These updates provide targeted changes to address security concerns with the cPanel & WHM product. These builds are currently available to all customers via the standard update system,”as per the update on cpanel website.

More information about the updates can be found at these links:

cPanel will release additional information regarding the nature of the security issue. This targeted security release addresses five vulnerabilities. Additional information is scheduled to be released December 6, 2012, via email.

In the month of October, cPanel Inc. also announced the release of version 11.34 of cPanel & WHM software to the RELEASE tier.

PHP’s new avatar – PHP 5.3 is here!

PHP 5.3 was released not too long ago and the good news is that many of the features originally planned for PHP 6 have been back-ported to PHP 5.3.

Before we go ahead and dive into the technical details, let’s get you acquainted with what PHP is. PHP is a general-purpose server-side scripting language originally designed for Web development to produce dynamic Web pages.

What this means is that you need to have PHP enabled on your server for your web pages to load dynamically.

So what’s NEW in PHP 5.3?

There are a considerable number of key features that are included in the new update; making this release a major improvement over the 5.2 version

  • Support for namespaces
  • Late static binding
  • Lambda Functions and Closures
  • Support for jump labels
  • Under the hood performance improvements
  • Optional garbage collection for cyclic references
  • Optional mysqlnd PHP native replacement for libmysql
  • Improved Windows support including VC9 and experimental X64 binaries as well as portability to other supported platforms
  • More consistent float rounding
  • Several enhancements to enable more flexibility in php.ini
  • New bundled extensions: ext/phar, ext/intl, ext/fileinfo, ext/sqlite3, ext/enchant
  • Over 140 bug fixes and improvements to PHP, in particular to: ext/openssl, ext/spl and ext/date

This release also drops several extensions and unifies the usage of internal APIs.

Although most existing PHP 5 code should work without changes, you should probably keep the following backward incompatible changes in mind –

  • The newer internal parameter parsing API has been applied across all the extensions bundled with PHP 5.3.x. This parameter parsing API causes functions to return NULL when passed incompatible parameters.
  • clearstatcache() no longer clears the realpath cache by default.
  • The new mysqlnd library necessitates the use of MySQL 4.1′s newer 41-byte password format.
  • The trailing / has been removed from the SplFileInfo class and other related directory classes.

Too much information? Check out the official PHP site for more details.

How will this update affect me?

All the sites hosted with Host Byte now support PHP 5.3. Our servers are compatible with PHP 5.2, but you can request for PHP 5.3 to be installed and use the updated features

And all you Tech Geeks out there, give us your comments on PHP 5.3. What did you like about the update, what you didn’t like and what you’d like to see in the next update.

Are you a .PRO yet?

Choosing a great domain name for your business or personal website is critical for success in the cyber world. Typical criteria that people use are memorability, word length, multi-lingual acceptance & the domain extensions such as COM, NET etc.

Talking about Domain Name extensions, they can be broadly classified into Generic domain extensions such as COM/NET & country level extensions such as .IN. Business customers typically purchase domain extensions based on geography or customer relevance. But there is a definite need for Professionals to carve out their own niche online. Having a domain extension dedicated to Professionals would be a great proposition

Presenting to you a .PRO domain extension.

.PRO is a top-level domain exclusively reserved for use by licensed Business/Service professionals and entities across the globe. It’s always easy to connect with your clients face-to-face, but when you’re online and invisible (not literally!); it’s kind of difficult to have a personal connect with your clients. A .PRO domain name adds that personal touch to your business persona.

But hey! Not everyone can apply for a .PRO domain. The RegistryPro website clearly states the following –

To register a .PRO domain name, you must be:

  • A person or entity who provides professional services
  • Admitted to or licensed by a government certification body or jurisdictional licensing entity recognized by a governmental body that regularly verifies the accuracy of its data
  • In good standing with the licensing authority

In addition to this, you’ll also have to provide the Registry with the following information –

  • Your name
  • Your profession
  • Your jurisdictional country
  • Your licensing authority
  • Your license number
  • A link to your licensing authority’s Web site

Sounds like a lot of effort for one domain, right? Don’t worry, once you’ve got yourself registered, you won’t have to submit your documents every time you buy a new .PRO domain.

You can check out the rest of the RegistryPro’s FAQs here.

Now for some good news

Host Byte is currently offering you a .PRO domain name for as low as Rs. 299/- for a year. It’s a limited period offer and you can figure out more about the promo here. Be rest assured, this is the best deal on .PRO, so go get your .PRO today!

Important SSL & Digital Certificate Changes

We took you through what a Digital Certificate means and how SSL works in our last post. Many of you might have noticed the recent changes SSL and Digital Certificates have undergone. And for those who haven’t, fret not; read on to know what those BIG changes are!

Over the past month, there’s a pretty big change in the SSL & Digital Certificate ecosystem. And, we think it’s really important to keep you in the loop on these.

The biggest alteration you need to be aware of: if you have an active certificate with an intranet name (e.g.’server1′, ‘mail’, ‘www’, ‘server2.local’, etc.), or a reserved IP address, it’s going to be revoked on October 1, 2016.

Also, we’re no longer going to allow our customers to purchase, renew, rekey, or manage their SSLs with intranet names or IP addresses that expire past November 1, 2015.

This is an industry-wide decision, not one specific to our company.

For more information on the Certification Authorities Browser Forum guidelines, go here.

For more information on which IPv4 Addresses are reserved, go here. Just to clarify we do not support any certificates using IPv6.

They aren’t too many changes, but they’re important ones! Keep these in mind, and if you get stuck, feel free to get in touch with us anytime :)