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Top 5 Web Hosting Trends of 2018

The power of web hosting is continuously emerging. For those people who wish to stay connected with the field of web hosting is attempting to find the recent trends in this regard. With lots of advancements going on in the world of technology and in the field of e-commerce business, it is found that there emerges a necessity to sketch out certain recent trends for year 2018. Because of continuous advancement in respect to web hosting services, its plans and packages, etc. there are collection of trends that one should consider in 2018:

1. Simplicity of management of websites:
In order to stay one step forward of competition, web hosting companies have to not just focus on competitors but even manage site in superior way. In last few years, it was observed that businesses had to depend on third party sites in order to amass information regarding their site. However, the current year 2018 will observe a considerable shift in this point.

2. Cloud Hosting will be the future of web hosting:
Cloud computing is about to rule majority of the places in the field of web hosting. Any business does not need dedicated servers every time and under such cases, cloud hosting is ready to provide many beneficial influences in the aspects of revenue generation as well as security management of the brands. Cloud hosting adopts information technology model that offer access to owners belonging from any corner of the world. A person needs not to behave as a slave of just one computer with intention to create any modifications or run a business. He/she can seamlessly execute his/her task sitting from any part of the world by merely connecting with the browser.

3. Hassle-free creation of sites:
There are lots of topmost web hosts offering web building tools to rapidly design and develop the websites, and lots of people will surely come up with this strategy. These tools are not precise but they can assist users to certain extent. In the world of technology, time is as valuable as money and there are lots of competitors emerging every day. Hence, it becomes significant to get a website hosted without any delay. In coming future, it is anticipated that the trend would be that every hosting provider can assist businesses to attain this with the help of feature rich back-ends.

4. Increase in number of data centres:
Businesses anticipate drawing visitors from particular geographical locations towards their website, and the task can be accomplished effectively with the development of more number of data centres. Moreover, data centres will possess safe framework with improved security.

5. Complete Solutions:
At present, users wish versatility and completeness in all the packages they select. When the cost of every service is increasing, they either anticipate more discounted costs or they want a package that meets several requirements. Users now do not go for a particular hosting plan, rather they wish to go for the plan that comprise of email hosting, SEO and several other components of web hosting. Hence, with constant work going in this direction, it is anticipated that there would be a trend of web host plan with complete solutions in this 2018.

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5 Main Reasons You Should Start Improving Your Website Page Speed

If website loading speed stays between the more or less acceptable levels, there is no need to pay great attention to it. If the website do not keep visitors waiting for content for too long, it may be considered reasonable. However, website page speed is gradually becoming an essential factor and optimization attempts in this field can be crucial for failure or success in attaining our goals. Let’s have a look the 5 main reasons responsible behind improving the website page speed.

1. Website page speed is a significant SEO factor:

There are lots of factors that search engines focuses on while categorizing the web and showcasing the most pertinent search results, and speed is one among them. Provided the similar level of relevance of search results, it is found that a normal user chooses those with comparatively lesser loading time. This can be accurately perceived through search engines, that beginning from this premise, will position closer to the initial position those pages which have less response times, providing higher weight to factors associated to server side (like use of CDNs, server response time, optimization of database as well as application, etc.) than client side (“document complete” as well as “fully rendered” times).


2. Faster loading speed equals improved user experience:

Everybody prefers to browse a website rapidly in order to reduce wait times while availing the desired information. It must be a priority that users actually enjoy the displayed content in a rapid and convenient manner, minimizing the access times. The improved user experience suggest increased visibility, decreased bounce rate, higher number of users sharing the content and good user satisfaction in respect to your brand.


3. Website page speed is crucial for mobile users:

You should carry out a great attempt in order to enhance the speed of the mobile version of your website. This is because mobile devices generally do not get benefited from a speedy connection as observed in desktops. Being the network latency higher, you should make sure that the response times are as low as possible in order that the total of both does not surpass the threshold of two seconds, defined as a goal by you.


4. Increased website page speed equals enhanced use of your own resources:

Few of the important mechanisms for boosting the speed of a website comprise of discarding superfluous elements as well as reducing the number of connections established to the server while pages requested by users get loaded. This can be accomplished by decreasing the number of images utilized by the website graphic design, merging them within a single file, or merging all the CSS and javascript in two single files.


5. Optimize load times direct to boost in conversions:

There are numerous studies which showed that optimizing load times is an increment in conversions, because faster websites are usually more accessible and also users are eager to continue browsing it.



Properly understanding the reason and direct impact which low website page speed has on the overall user experience is significant to marketers. This is because long waiting times severely impacts your overall image in market.

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What is a WordPress REST API and Why You Should Care

Matt Mullenweg, Co-Founder of WordPress, has been beating one drum in particular from last year. His followers surely know what the tag on that drum says. The Importance of WordPress REST API are the echoes coming out of that drum. But before we go into the depth of WordPress Rest API and find out its capabilities, let’s brush us up with few basics.

API – What is it?

Abbreviated from Application Program Interface, API is an approved set of standardized rules that define how a specific software can be utilized and how the other parts of the same software can communicate to a program and how it will respond to it.

REST – What is it?

REST or Representational State Transfer is a very simple way to organize communication between two independent applications or systems. It also permits to communicate with marginal overhead with clients as varied as cell phones and other sites. In simple words, REST is not knotted to the Internet but since it is inspired by HTTP, it is implemented like that. Hence, REST can be implemented wherever Hypertext Transfer Protocol can.

WordPress REST API

It is a specific architectural approach that put together the rules that help in defining the interaction of the software with the world. It has been designed in such a way that it lets the programs communicate to each other in an as simple manner as possible, and thereby, creating no clutter at all.

This plugin uses JSON or Javascript Object Notation as a data format. So, one looking forward to retrieving or updating a WordPress website simply needs to grab the website in JSON extension. It could even include posts, taxonomies, users and more. For instance, to get all the posts from the website hosting, which contains the word “amazing”, a request code needs to be send and it is: get /wp-json/wp/v2/posts?filter[s]=amazing. WordPress REST API also bestows developers with easy Javascript based models. It makes developers proceed with the request without needing them to learn details of the connection.

Since we have learned the basics of API and WP REST API, our focus shifts on a major query that is why we should care about REST API and how it will transform the WordPress platform? By offering an agreed interface between WordPress and outside world, it changes the development environment through the following points:

1. Breaking connection with PHP: WP REST API give languages Python, Go, and Ruby, etc., an instant access to the native functionality of WordPress hosting.

2. Integration with Smartphones: REST API will allow developers to treat the installs of WP just as other servers having their endpoints defined from the mobile apps perspective. True integration with iOS and Android will now be possible with REST API.

3. REST will put Front End to rest: With REST API, the use of front end will be stringently optional. It will make front end mere an external application.

4. Re imagine of WordPress Admin: Developers will be able to define their separate take on REST API rather than just customizing it.

5. Will Partner with Competitors: Rather considering Javascript, Angular JS, React, Backbone, etc. technology as a competitor, it will make them a potential partner. This amalgamation will surely hone the WordPress skill of the developer.

Irrespective your area of interest in WordPress, REST API surely piques curiosity to know the transformation in the platform coming down the line, which will affect each and every one linked with WordPress.

Why You Need to Join the Cloud Hosting Revolution

Cloud hosting is indeed a revolution in itself. It does dismantle the old way of putting together various devices and content. Looking at the advantages and keeping a futuristic view point more and business are ready to welcome this new revolution. If you look for innovation in technology with ease then Cloud is certainly the next move, which has all the potential drive further and make life easier.

Present world is running on technology, where each individual is somehow connected with it, so why not step ahead with cloud for more efficient solution. Some of the major benefits of Cloud hosting revolution are:

  1. Quick and On demand Service: Your orders are processed with quick automated system without any delay
  2. Visibility: With high quality tools and access controlling process you have clear visibility of resource usage
  3. No panic of hardware failure: There is no need to panic if there is hardware failure as cloud automatically recovers

So along with rapid elasticity mechanism, utility tools, cloud hosting revolution is undoubtedly the future. With Cloud Hosting one gets the control, the advantage, the Liberty, the power of Scalability with 100% Reliability. With well trained and experienced technical support team dedicated for cloud hosting services one can get 24/7 assistance. So get ready to experience the cloud hosting revolution now.

Gamechanger for your online business a step away!

Being a small business firm, do you wish to use features which large IT companies use? Then there is a good news for you, you can fulfill your desire by using Colocation Hosting solutions. This hosting solution will allow you to have a fairly large presence in the web and you won’t even have to worry about dealing with large amount of items like network connections.

Colocation is best option for you, if you want your server to be more robust than what is provided to you in the standard web hosting. Such hosting plan allows you to enjoy features of a large IT department, at a very minimal cost.

However before making a choice here’s what you need to know:

  • It offers higher bandwidth speed and better redundancy for the network connections
  • You can own the web server and have complete control over it
  • You can upgrade your server by yourself and don’t have to rely on your service provider
  • You can install any software in your server by yourself
  • You can enjoy the best security measures by datacenters
  • Your machines will be given additional security by your colocation provider.

If you are thinking of using cutting edge hosting solution for your business, then colocation hosting is for you. Opt for colocation to make your presence big in the web world!