Enhance your business through Cloud Hosting!

Of late you have been looking for cloud web hosting options but were unable to make up your mind whether to go for it. Isn’t it? Choosing the correct web hosting solution, can become a stressful task for a person who is a complete novice to this web hosting world. Some even prefer to stay away from such terms like ‘cloud’ that just conjures up images of a stormy sky. But the truth is that such clouds can help to bring sunnier climates to your business.

Yes! Cloud hosting solution is increasingly used by several small to large-scale business enterprises who are looking forward to take the success of their ventures to soaring heights. Such kind of hosting service has proven to be an ideal solution which completely takes care of all your hosting problems and is cost effective too. Its promising features and immense popularity proves its worth and has been playing a significant role in promoting businesses across various industry verticals. Through such hosting, you can install or put your company’s software and data in a computer network rather than putting it on a local server or a computer.

The advanced technology of Cloud Server, allows you to enjoy various types of services, such as:

  • Music streaming
  • Flexible website growth
  • State-of-the-art features
  • Secure file storage
  • Web based email
  • Guaranteed server resources and more.

This hosting service helps you to manage your business easily while you are on trips, at home or at workplace. Isn’t it great to have ‘cloud’ as your hosting provider, and enjoy your work from anywhere in the world! So what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and explore the unmatched benefits such ‘clouds’ bring to your online business.

Unleash your tensions with WordPress hosting

You might be surprised at how your competitor’s site loads incredibly fast, driving more page views and site traffic along with unmatched business prospects. No, this is no magic! This is perhaps all due to the hassle free wordpress hosting benefits your competitor is taking advantage of.

What is WordPress? Many people ask this question, especially those who are new bees in the hosting world. WordPress is nothing but a free and open source content management system, which is often used for blog publishing or website development. This hosting program has a great fan following of its own. In fact, you can expect to receive much more from WordPress Hosting, then you can ever think of. It is surprising but true, that you can set up your own blog site or manage entire professional business website with this kind of hosting. In minutes you are all set to step out in the web world, just through WordPress.

You can make use of number of features for your website through WordPress. It uses template processor for using web template system. The features which are available with WordPress are:

  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • Widgets
  • Multi blogging
  • Mobile applications
  • SEO friendly
  • Supports tagging of posts, and more.

To enjoy this service, all you need to do is sign up for your hosting account with a professional hosting provider and get your WordPress installed. You can definitely explore speed, security, scale and support with such hosting plans that can undeniably add wings to your online business.

So, without any delay get started with your site right away!

Dedicated server – Your own Exclusive Server!

Businesses whether big or small, want to reach out to the mass so that they can build a brand rapport in the market for their business. Today, many business houses have resorted to online marketing and promortional activities to grow and promote their businesses in the global market. For that you need to first search for a web hosting service, which can make you easily reachable to the masses. Dedicated servers have proved to be the most preferred plan that most of teh hosting companies offer their clients. This piece of hardware consists of its own processor, hard drives, random access memory and bandwidth.

Dedicated server hosts your website and its associated software exclusively  through its hard drive. It also allows you to  install and run any program you want. This server has become very popular amongst the internet gamers, as this server allows other users whom you have given permission to connect to your dedicated hosting server and use the same programs at the same time as you do. There are various other benefits of dedicated servers, such as

  • You can build fully customized dedicated server for your website
  • IP address of your domain points only to your website, as all dedicated servers have their own unique IP address
  • You can upgrade your hosting plan by adding more bandwidth, RAM and increasing your processor speed at any time
  • It is ideal for gaming application
  • Increases traffic to your site
  • Your website is protected from being crowded by other people’s website and application
  • It has greater flexibility.

Though dedicated servers are expensive, but they are worth investing on, as they have unmatched and exclusive features which are beneficial for increasing your business growth. The web applications loaded on this server are independent of traffic from other websites which are on the same server. It also facilitates in selecting the suitable and best configuration for your specific business requirements. These servers also offer internet solutions along with benefits of co-location. There are many companies in India, which provide good dedicated servers. These companies offer range of solutions, including round the clock support service, network infrastructure, hardware management, operating system software for the server, immediate detection and response to network problems and hardware issues. If you want your website to be stable and unaffected by other websites or hosting clients, then dedicated server is for you. Enjoy the special benefits of dedicated server and see your business grow into new dimentions.

Benefits of using hostbyte cheap VPS Hosting

Web Hosting has become very essential in today’s world. It is a very wise move to expand your business in the market by developing your own website through a good web hosting company. Your website needs to be impressive as well as informative for your site visitors and this powerful combination can help you to connect with your potential clients. Many business owners often choose cheap VPS hosting, as they can avail benefits of dedicated hosting without shelling out lots of money. VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a dedicated server in the computer whose operating system acts as the server. Due to that the computer is able to communicate with the internet to download pages in a browser.

There are number of packages available for cheap VPS hosting. These packages come with various features, such as full root access, instant set up, software package installation and much more. It is very important to choose the right features in your server, as it would help you to utilize your package efficiently. Cheap VPS Hosting is provided by many companies, but while choosing your hosting provider do not forget the check the services they are providing. Most of the companies give you option to choose your package as well as features, you want along with your package.

Such kind of hosting are not only cost effective and but also prove individuals as wellbeneficial for start up online ventiures as well as well established organisations. Some of the unmatched advantages of using cheap VPS hosting, services includes:

  • Your server is managed by your hosting provider, without any extra charges
  • You can host more than one account on the same server. It refers to multiple websites on the same virtual machine
  • Server is regularly updated by the hosting provider
  • Your server will not face any bad effect because of another neighbour server even though they are on the same physical layer
  • VPS provides options for more resources
  • It allows you to enjoy complete server customization
  • Your server is safe and secure as no details are shared with any other party
  • You will have complete control and root access of your server; and you can also reboot at anytime.

It is very essential to have an informed deciosn before selecting any hosting plan for your website and equally important is opting for the best and most trusted hosting service provider. You can definitely take your business to new heights just  by choosing the best package of VPS Hosting.

Operate your own exclusive server through Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers are preferred by many big and small sized enterprises, as it is more reliable and provides quick service to their online clients compared to other web hosting. As the name suggests, these servers are exclusively build for you and no one else can use it except for you. For large enterprises, this hosting solution is very beneficial as huge traffic is directed to their website on regular basis. Dedicated Servers, India has also proved to be beneficial for companies that store important and confidential data of their clients. You can be assured that the confidential data of your client is safe because apart from you no one else can have control over your server. This unique web hosting system gives you exclusive server facilities all for yourself without sharing it with anyone else.

Dedicated Servers, India, has number of advantages, such as:

  • It is reliable and stable
  • You will not face drawbacks like virus attack, spam attacks, bad codes, malicious scripts and overload of applications as in case of shared hosting
  • You get privilege to install only those applications, which your business requires on the server
  • You can host your business solely
  • It also ensures that your website is least dependent on your web host and there are no time delays
  • In case of server crash, you do not have to worry as there is assured guarantee of instant support provided for the issue
  • You can have the largest hardware for your business applications.

Through dedicated hosting, the organizations can have complete access to the data processing memory and power of the server. You can also upload heavy files, images and other data regularly as this server provides ample space to upload and download any file size.  Dedicated servers, India are provided by various service providers in India, these service providers offer unlimited bandwidth so that you do not face any problem with continuous and increased online traffic.

The right service provider will always provide round the clock technical support from experts. These technical experts have full knowledge of how to handle any problem related to dedicated server and they help you to manage and monitor your server in times of huge traffic. Choosing the right provider of dedicated servers, India can prove to be very beneficial for your business. It is a very smart decision to hire a dedicated server if you want to store your confidential data safely.