Top 5 Ways to Keep your Website Safe from Cyber Attack

It takes just few minutes for hackers to transform your ordinary website into a malicious as the sensitive user data can be sent to hackers without your notice. The cyber attacks can hack inside your website databases and can demolish or operate crucial information, inserting your content with malicious links and also they can hijack the web hosting server to be utilized in botnet DDoS attacks. Under such cases, it is important that your website stay safe from cyber attacks; so let’s have a look at the related top 5 ways:

1. Focus on keeping software up to date:

It might seem obvious, but carefully assuring that you keep all software up to date is crucial aspect in maintain your website secure. The aspect applies well to the server operating system as well as to any software that you may be executing on your website like CMS or forum. If software is not maintained up to date, whenever website security holes identified in software, it is confirm that cyber attacks can quickly abuse them.

2. Be cautious of error messages to avoid cyber attacks:

There are some kind of error messages which are a sign of cyber attacks. It is crucial to be careful with how much amount of information you provide in your error messages. It is recommended to offer only minimal errors to the users, in order to ensure they actually do not attempt to leak secrets available on your server (like API keys or also database passwords). It is not recommended to present complete exception details either, because these can allow the occurrence of complex attacks like SQL injection to be easy. Always keep detailed errors into your server logs, and focus on showing users only the necessary information they require in order to stay away from cyber attacks.

3. Take care to check your passwords:

Everybody now knows that they must use complex passwords; however that does not imply they do it always. It is vital to make use of strong passwords to your server as well as website admin area. Also, it is equally important to persist on good password practices for your users to guard the safety of their accounts.

4. Work on to make admin directories tough to spot:

A clever way many cyber attacks seek access to your website’s data is by approaching directly to the source and then hacking within your admin directories. It is found that hackers can make use of scripts that can scan every directory over your web server for some giveaway names including ‘admin’ or ‘login’ etc. and emphasize their attempts on entering these folders to negotiate your website’s security. There are many prevalent CMS’s that permit you to rename your admin folders to the name you wish. So select inoffensive appearing names for your admin folders that are recognized just to your webmasters to considerably decrease the odds of a potential breach.

5. Validate on both sides:

Validation helps to easily recognize error whenever user enter data into fields. If you fail to check validations, it may lead to malicious code or scripting code being injected within the database.

Concluding Note:

Do you like your website getting severely affected by cyber attacks? The answer is definitely no, so in order to let your website stay secured, it is crucial to follow some of the guaranteed ways. Also you can buy sitelock for your websites that protects you from bots and other critical attacks

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