How to choose a good domain name for your business?

When it comes down to selecting a domain name for your website, nothing is good enough! Most businesses tend to stand out from the crowd by trying out the unconventional name path. And that is where most of these novices go wrong.

A good online business always profits from a name or a term which is quite easy to remember as well as most commonly searched.

With little bit of thought and common sense one can acquire a good domain name for their business. Some tips to choose a smart domain name

  • Choose a domain name that is easy to recall. Public memory is short so you need a domain name which will linger in their name long after coming it across.
  • Avoid being too creative with the name and try not to misspell it. What good would it be for dominos if it had spelled its website’s name as dominozz as no one would remember the extra Zs!
  • Choose a domain name with targeted keyword related to your business in it.

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