Cloud hosting has been gaining popularity steadily over the years. In fact, Facebook, Gmail, Flickr and many other social networks work on cloud based servers only. If you need to define cloud hosting then it can be simply stated as the new generation shared hosting because unlike shared hosting ,this method of hosting data centres host multiple clients application and numerous websites on any physical server portion of a large pool of machines integrated through virtualization operating technology.

Benefits of cloud hosting

  • Reduced hardware and software investment cost as the host company shares the total cost of keeping the dedicated serves up to date.
  • Increased speed as the loading time decreases with the dedicated cloud server.
  • As the demand for storage increases, the cloud hosting accommodates with increased Ram, disk space etc.
  • Maintenance costs go down.
  • With cloud hosting comes disaster recovery system which allows you to access the date from a separate data centre in case f a crash or data loss from one centre.

Cloud hosting is quite viable for businesses of all nature. You should hire a host company that offers good technical and customer support, 99.9% uptime, full APL access with security and data integrity guarantees. Host Byte offers all this and much more at quite affordable prices. Take a look!