How to install WordPress on Your cPanel With Softaculous

Would you like to install WordPress in easy way?

Here’s how you can get WordPress installed in your cPanel account in just a few clicks With Softaculous.

Host Byte Offers Free Softaculous Installer with all Linux Hosting Account that make installing WordPress and other open source scripts as easy as possible, so here we’re going to look at how you can install WordPress in only a few steps in Host Byte Hosting cPanel with Softaculous.

Getting Started

Login to your Host Byte Hosting cPanel to get started installing WordPress on your site.  This is often located at or

Host Byte cPanel Login

Once you have successfully logged in, Scroll down to the Software/Services section, and click the Softaculous link.


On Softaculous dashboard if you look to other side of your screen, you will see many other software categories, Click on Blogs Category and select WordPress.

WordPress on Softaculous

When you click on WordPress link you will see some information about rating & reviews from users. Click on big blue “Install” button above the header to start the installation


On Next Screen you will see the software setup form, Choose domain name where you want to install WordPress first, if you want to install WordPress on your master domain leave the “In Directory” field blank. Enter database name (no one else will see this name, so you don’t have to be creative). In Database settings, you need to modify table prefix to enhance your site security. Instead of leaving default wp_ prefix, you can choose something like wp_hb_.

WordPress Installation

Now enter a name and description for your site, as well as an administrative username, password, and email.  If you’d like a more secure password, click the key logo and a random generated password will be entered in the field.

Note: Do not use default “admin” username as your username choose any other name instead of admin

If you would like to get your site’s settings, enter you email id at bottom field under the install button, when you finished click on install.

WordPress Account SetupThat’s all. Softaculos will install within few seconds after you click on Install button, WordPress will be installed Then all you need to do is go to and enter your login information to start writing posts.

Finish Setup


WordPress is one of the best CMS and blog engines available today, and you can used it to power anything from your personal site, to a major website with millions of hits per day.  Installing WordPress manually isn’t too hard, but with Softaculous, it’s so easy anyone could do it.  If you ever want to try out any other web apps on your site, you can always install them quickly with Softaculous too.

So what are you waiting for Signup with our WordPress plan