How to Create Blog in Less than Half an Hour?

We all are well known with the period blog and website. In our standard of living we tend to use to open many websites or blogs however still an outsized range of individuals and even most of the technical educated youngsters don’t expertise to form blog and website?

In this article you may learn the way to line up a blog in one hour. To line up a blog, you may would like the subsequent raw material:


#1. Domain Name:  It is simple the name of website or blog like,, or, Domain name is the landmark of a blog, that mean you require name of your blog or website, you can register your desire domain name from Host Byte.

Registration of domain name will hardly take few minutes, the major thins is selection of domain name because most of the famous domain name have already been registered. You have to work hard to find suitable domain name for you.

#2. Web Hosting:  Once you have successfully registered with your suitable domain name you will need a web space to store blog data online. You have to be little carefully to choose your web hosting provider, there are many popular web hosting companies in the world but we recommend you to choose Host Byte, an India based web hosting company to get better performance and uptime with localized support.

Host Byte is a top web hosting company engaged in offering you a variety of web hosting plans. Whether you need unlimited web hosting for your online business or domain name registration for your website, your search for the best and reliable hosting company end here with Host Byte! We remain on our shoes to cater to your specific requirements to ensure 100% satisfaction.

#3. Point Domain Name to Web Hosting: Once you purchased domain name and web hosting from the same company then in most cases, it is already done by the company. But if you purchased domain name and web hosting from different provider, you require to point your domain name to your webhosting account. Once your web hosting account setup you will get mail from that web hosting company having account login details. In your account login details mail they have mentioned two name server like and (for example only).  Login into your domain control panel and paste this name server in place of default name servers. If you are facing any problem you may contact support to domain registrar.

Note:  Updating name server would take 1-2 hours for new domain but it may take longer time for some cases, you have to be patience until the name servers are not activated.

#4 Blogging CMS (Blog Designing): Once you have purchased web hosting and domain name, now you require blog scripts to reduce headache of web coding and design. There are many free scripts available where you can manage your blog even if you are totally new and it does not require web designing and web programming skills. Most popular blogging script is WordPress and we recommend to use as it’s used by most of bloggers now a days.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is used by most of the bloggers because it is easy to setup and use, more user friendly, seo friendly and important thing is it’s completely “FREE” to install and use for lifetime. Also there are many readymade free and paid themes/templates available through you can make a unique look of blog. There are many plugins available for different tasks which are also pretty easy to install and use. Let’s say if you want to use jQuery Slider in your blog, you can easily install appropriate plugin, it does not require to do coding and programming.

You require to install WordPress, You can install WordPress in two different ways:

1 Download Zip file from and upload to your hosting account and setup database etc. Which is tough task to do for fresher or most of people.

2 Most of Web hosting provide auto installer with their hosting plans such as Softaculous, Fantastico and Simple Script and flow our other blog article regarding how to install WordPress in your cPanel using Softaculous.

Hope you now know how to install blog/website in your web hosting account in just an hour, you can share any further doubts, experience with us, and we appreciates your comments.