How can we migrate hosting in Linux without facing downtime?

If you do not have such necessary skilled and experience then you might face downtime while changing from other web hosting provider to Host Byte

Step 1: Back up all your files.

You need to take backup of your files which must be your first step before you do anything else,  choose your desire web hosting package from Host Byte, but remember do not close your current web hosting account just yet.

Once you purchased a web hosting package, You will get welcome mail with all login details such as FTP, Name Server, Server IP, Temp URL, Database and Web Hosting Control Panel details (Linux you will get cPanel)

Use basic FTP Program such as Filezilla, CuteFTP, WinSCP tow download website files used in your website including images, html, css that may be used in your web site. If you website does have database then you need to use third party software such as HeidiSQL or you can use PhpMyAdmin is available in your hosting control panel.

Step 2: Upload all files to the new server

Upload all the files and data from your local computer to Host Byte Server. You would have Login details in welcome mail you have received from Host Byte.

You should be sure about correct directory structure, For Example, “httpdocs” or “Public_html” in the root folder of Linux web hosting. Upload all the files and folder you had downloaded from your other webhosting account in to Host Byte Web hosting account. Make sure you keep the correct directory structure, otherwise you may face lots of errors when you migrate your website.

Now use PhpMyAdmin or any third party software to upload the database.

Step 3: Add email accounts to your new server.

Create all email accounts you have already created in your old web hosting in your Host Byte Web hosting account.

Step 4: Changing the Name Server.

Login in to your domain control panel and go to Name server section and change Name Server with Host Byte Name Server (you should have received these with welcome email you got from Host Byte Web Hosting Account)


Step 5: Wait 48 hours for the changes to take place.

Usually the migration will done in within hours, Allow up to 24-48 hours for the DNS update to be completed.

You can verify that the transfer has been completed by using whois domain tools or website (i.e.

Note: as mentioned earlier propagation period takes about 24 – 48 hours for the domain name change through everyone’s DNS server, this means some people might see new site and some still get old site.

It is best way to switch with no downtime on your website.