Web Hosting is No Longer Expensive!

In this world where almost everything is driven by the technology of the Internet, it is important for people especially entrepreneurs to understand the need to invest in a web hosting service. The hosting service is exceptionally necessary these days if you want to make the most out of your target market. Most people are nowadays preoccupied with using the Internet. Some people don’t even rely on television or newspapers anymore to get the information that they require; they simply head off to the Internet  and research for those data that they need!

If you plan on capturing a significant portion of your audience, then you should establish on the Internet. In order to do that, you need to build yourself a website and have it hosted on a reliable server. The server needs to be very reliable, of course. By this, we mean that you should pay for a host that does not have a history of frequent downtime because this can have several critical effects on your efforts to build prominence on the Internet. It could also have an effect on your rankings on the search engines; websites that have frequent downtime are usually ranked low by the search engines because of poor user experience.

Of course, you already know about the benefits of establishing a website and investing on the best web hosting service as a businessman. By now, you should have created a website already and found yourself a host. If you haven’t yet, then perhaps you are being stopped by that one thing that has also kept hosting services and entrepreneurs at bay from each other – price. You undoubtedly have been discouraged from finding yourself a reliable web host because you feel like you cannot find a really good server that comes at a very affordable cost.

That should no longer be your concern, however. Host Byte is now here to provide you that excellent yet cheap web hosting service for a  lesser price than that charged by most services. You need to dish out a lot of cash if yo want to avail of Host Byte’s excellent range of services. For a very affordable price, you get to enjoy one of three types of hostings:

  • Shared hosting
    This service gives you access to unlimited hosting, data transfer, domains, email IDs and MySQL databases.
  • Reseller hosting
    Reseller hosting grants the business owner unlimited domains, but storage is limited to 25 Gigabytes. Other features of reseller hosting include a cPanel with Plesk and WHM, as well as custom name servers. Reseller hosting guarantees 99.9% up time SLA.
  • Virtual hosting
    The virtual host grants you 30 gigabytes of storage space, 512 MB of random access memory and 350GB worth of data transfers. You could also choose Linux hosting under this service, and you get access to a cPanel for your hosting too.

There is no need to fuss over expensive hosting rates from other providers. Host Byte is the ideal hosting service for you. Check them out at their website at http://www.hostbyte.in/.