.ORG 2.0

A couple of months ago, Host Byte was presented with a challenging and interesting opportunity to increase awareness and change the perception of the .ORG domain extension in India.

.ORG has always been known as a TLD that represents trust, reliability and transparency and we’re sure that the first thing that comes to your mind is NGOs, cultural institutions, religious, and civic organizations, schools; etc.

Hence, in association with Public Interest Registry (PIR), operator of the .ORG TLD, Host Byte launched a series of Digital Ads to promote the .ORG domain extension in India.

Based on our research, we found that most people in India tend to opt for either a .COM domain name or a .IN domain name. The .ORG domain name has always been perceived as one for a university or mostly a non-profit organization. Our aim was to alter this perception and spread the message that a .ORG can also be used for representing businesses online. After much creative brainstorming we came up with a brilliant value proposition that perfectly summed up the ORG brand. Our message was simple to all SMB domain buyers- “Today you’re not just a company, you’re an organization”.

The online community is expanding, and people are now open to newer ideas and ventures. The .ORG initiative is just one step closer to expanding the horizons of the digital world. Thanks to the overwhelming and positive response that we received for our .ORG campaign, we hope to run more initiatives to promote and aid the adoption of .ORG in India.