Protect Your Online Identity

The online space has seen an enormous growth in the past few years, and today, mostly everyone owns a domain name. When you register a domain name, you are obliged to provide personal information as the domain name owner. This information is publicly available once your domain name goes live. This is where Privacy Protect comes in to play.

Privacy Protect is a WHOIS privacy service which is used to protect confidential information of domain owners. This protects the registrant from having their personal contact information displayed to the public. Whenever you register a domain your contact information associated with that domain is displayed in the WHOIS database.

The WHOIS database is an online database that secures your most confidential information, viz., postal address and telephone number which can be viewed by anyone.

Privacy protection substitute’s generic information in place of the details associated with the domain registrant (you). If your domain has privacy protection services then your personal contact details will not be displayed in the public WHOIS database. Domain privacy helps protect you primarily against spammers or identity thieves who would use your personal information for personal gain or unsolicited purposes.

How does Privacy Protect work?

When you enable Privacy Protection on a domain name, Host Byte replaces all your publicly visible contact details with alternate contact information, so that when a WHOIS query is performed on the domain, an alternate mailing address, email address and phone number are displayed.

Requests to view your information are directly sent to you (the domain owner) and you can decide whether you would want to share your details or not.

What is WHOIS Farming?

Everyday domain owner’s information is harvested by spammers from publicly available WHOIS to send spam. This means that people farm (collect) data from the WHOIS directory, obtain your contact information and send you unsolicited emails or make telemarketing calls.

When you Register a domain name with a Registrar, the Whois of your domain name lists your personal information (such as Name, Company Name, Address, Telephone Number, Email Address) as Contact Details for that domain name. This information becomes available to anyone who performs a Whois lookup of your domain name.

Your personal information is, therefore, at risk from being manipulated by data miners, who can then target you via junk email, prank telephone calls, postal messages, fax messages, etc..

Using Host Byte‘s Privacy Protection service, you may immediately put a stop to such abuse. When you enable this service for your domain name, we replace your Contact Details in the Whois information with our generic contact details, thus, masking your personal contact details.

Host Byte provides automated activation of Privacy Protect (for the .COM and .NET extensions) with the purchase of every new domain name and domain transfers, at no extra cost.

Privacy Protection for existing domains is also available and can be enabled from the Customer Control Panel.

How to enable Privacy Protect for your domain?

1. Login to your Control Panel, search for the domain name and proceed to the Order Information view.

2. Click the Privacy Protection link

3. Here you may either enable/disable Privacy Protection:

  • To Enable Privacy Protection: Select the Enable radio button.

If Privacy Protection has been disabled for your domain name by and you have not been provided the option to enable it, then you would only see the reason we have disabled it. Contact our Support Team at to know more.

  • To Disable Privacy Protection: Select the Disable radio button.

4. Click the Update Privacy Protection Status link

Host Byte does it’s best to ensure that your data remains safe and away from the public eye. You can read up more on our Privacy Policies here –