Book your Domain before it’s gone!

Microsoft the life of all computers, recently launched an invention, much loved by all kids and adults namely, the Kinect. The Kinect is the new addition to the xbox family-with an interesting catch. Unlike other video games, Microsoft Kinect offers you Controller-free gaming, implying full body play. Kinect actually responds to how you move – if you have to kick, then kick, if you have to jump, then jump.

Let’s shift the spotlight to some interesting news about the Company.

Microsoft launched this entertaining Product without owning ‘’ Domain name.  And when they took their step to register this Domain name, the screen blinked in red – ‘Unavailable’. Alas! It sure was a tense moment for Microsoft.

Even after the company filed UDRP’s to get other Kinect related domain names, such as, and; Microsoft didn’t own the Domain name This website automatically gets redirected to and has been registered since the nineties.

Finally, after digging deep into their pockets, was officially theirs.  And today, according to all Whois records, Microsoft owns


This story could be yours too. If you have a Domain name in mind, then go ahead and book it, before it’s gone. A common myth that haunts everyone is, “Right after booking my Domain name, I need to build my Website”. This is absolutely incorrect.

Just imagine if your business is all set to go live in a week – the shop banner is ready, business cards have been printed, advertisement deals are settled, and when it’s time to book a Domain for your business name you suddenly realize that your website name already exists.

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