Facebook – Project ‘Titan’

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently launched what he calls the “modern messaging system” to handle the convergence of different angles of messages and bring them together under one social umbrella. More than four billion messages are sent every day on Facebook, with the vast majority of the messages between two people, according to Zuckerberg.

This new innovation has been designed to save all your messages for 5 years, implying that the user wouldn’t have worry about the history of all his communication.

Wow! Now everyone can have a ‘facebook.com’ email id.

It all began when Zuckerberg was with a couple of friends and he lend his ears to certain complaints regarding the concept of ‘email’. Most of them being, too slow, too much effort & logins to remember.

Mark along with his team decided to build a new messaging system that would include email, expand on the concept and tie in other means of communication as well. “It’s not email, It handles email, in addition to Facebook messages, and IM and SMS” clarified Zuckerberg.

“There was a lot of press leading up to this saying this is an email killer,” he added. “This is not an email killer. It’s a messaging system that has email as one part of it. I don’t expect people to wake up tomorrow and say, ‘I’m going to shut down my Yahoo account or my Gmail account.’ We expect that more people will IM and more people will message just because it’s simpler and easier and it’s more fun to use.”

So far so good let’s see if it’s actually as exciting as it sounds!